Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Plenty of inspiration...

What inspires me?  First and foremost...COLOR... lots of it...flowing, swirling color. Bright colors, soft colors, many colors together. Nature is a big inspiration with clouds in the sky, ripples in water, veins in a rock, petals of a rose.  The sweet innocense of children always inspire me. Shadows. Transparent color.  Anything of beauty that I find in everyday life.


  1. Everything in the whole wide world-right?
    Beautiful piece!

  2. Great image! I agree - colour, innocence and everyday beauty are always inspirational!

  3. ripples in the water, veins in a rock, the petals of a rose....

    You know, I'm very near sighted and it's small glories that draw me in. Just like the things you mention.