Monday, April 4, 2011

IA Roald Dahl Challenge

credit: art freebies

After a bit of research I found this portion of a poem by Roald Dahl that I found amusing...especially after I found this old post card image!  Aren't these ladies delightful!


  1. This is great - those ladies have a very Dahl-esque appeal! I could actually do with some of that Wonka-Vite today - wonder if they sell it anywhere ... ;)

  2. LOVE it- and so perfect for the words you chose. Great job!

  3. These ladies are perfect as illustrations for Roald Dahl's stories. I, too, would love to find some of that Wonka-Vite!

  4. Great choice of poem and I love the image you've chosen to accompany it. Wonderful:-)

    Kat X

  5. This is super cute Bitzidoodles.
    That could be me with the cat...
    we have new kittens here there and everywhere.